yokittyjo’s Releases ‘Internal’


yokittyjo presents,the next mix in her Sticky Paws series titled “Internal”

“Internal” is yokittyjo’s audio visual mix for meditation, relaxing and soothing vibrations.

Created to bring your mind and body into a state of relaxation.

Please use when winding down, during a treatment or simply relaxing and let the meditation guide you into a state of healing & wellness.

Play the visual meditation in its full entirety or select one of the four tracks available.

Artist and Track Listing

1. Bec Star ChoKuRei P and C Mixology Digital Records https://www.settlingsong.com Tweets @djBeXta
2. Relax Daily N°093 http://relaxdaily.net / https://soundcloud.com/relaxdaily
3. Makyo Soar Angelic https://www.facebook.com/pages/Makyo
4. Ishq Arc http://www.interchill.com/ Tweets @interchill’s
5. Bec Star SacralDance P and C Mixology Digital Records https://www.settlingsong.com Tweets @djBeXta
6. Puff Dragon Chinese Radio Ultimae Records http://ultimae.com/ Tweets @ultimae_records
7. Midival Punditz Chandini Chowk https://soundcloud.com/midivalpunditz
8. Seabourne Oblique writers (M.Walter, L.Rate, L.Devaney) https://www.facebook.com/seabournemusic

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