Five Norah Jones Songs – That I Couldn’t Live Without

On the wings of a butterfly, Norah Jones voice floats within her songs. Her voice, subtle and rich like liquid honey has influenced millions of people. Without a doubt Without a doubt a fan of Norah Jones.When the question of what are the best Norah Jones Songs, raised among friends, Come Away with Me is always in the top two. In this article I would like to share a few more that are on top of my personal playlist.

Here are five songs that I couldn’t live without,

1.” “Looks Like Morning In your eyes, but the clock has held 9:15am for hours” ¨Sunrise is the story of two lovers, in their own enchanted world, spending the day and night together. The reality of their life is peaking through but never breaking the bubble and they carry on through. My Favorite line’s in the song are “Surprise Couldn’t find it in your eyes But I’m sure its written all over my face”

2.“Come Away with Me”, Come Away with Me, is a melodic ballad. In where Norah is singing out a calling card to her object of affection. It’s a love song, clear with intent and Norah’s smooth soothing voice deliverer’s the meaning so simply and beautifully. “I want to walk with you on a cloudy day In fields where the yellow grass grows knee-high”

3.”Thinking about YouThinking about you is song that you can play forever, when you need to think about that special someone. That special someone from the past or happy memories from the past. The song invokes sweet memories from the simplest of thoughts. Norah Jones sings it best here in the lyric “When you sail across the ocean waters, and you reach the other side safely, can you smile, a little smile for me?”

4.”Chasing Pirates” Chasing Pirates, is a sweet melodic song about how easy it is to over analyze and just think and wonder about their significant other to the point of distraction. Norah Jones Lyrics best says it here “And I don’t know how to slow it down, My minds racing from chasing pirates”

5.”Those Sweet WordsThose sweet words, struck a chord with me. Simple in delivery, a song to play for falling in love and to remind yourself of falling in love…Beautiful. As you only have to say three words to do so.”I just have to hear your sweet those words “Spoken like a melody ”