Don’t Know Why Music Release

Don’t Know Why‘ is the latest promotional music release from the female singer and artist yokittyjo. Written by Jesse Harris and made famous by Norah Jones. This is #yokittyjo’s spin on it .

An elegant summer electronic delight to indulge the senses with long sunsets and ocean enchantment.

This post is  a thank you to the lovely people who I met along the way from my  year in Hong Kong who have been integral to bringing this project together with support and commitment for that I am grateful.

/Adam Diaz / Musical Arrangement/ Krystal Diaz / Vocal Coach/ Christine Samson Music and Arts Studio Hong Kong / Harry Peat / Music Consultant/ Daniel Tong/ photographer DTS studio and production/  Apra and Sony.atv /Justin Balnaves,

One of my vocal goals this year was to working  on the break . Its taken some work, a lot of patience and practice. I think its coming along nicely. For me, working on vocal practice is a lot like tending a beautiful tropical garden. You can’t leave it for too long or the weeds will take hold  but when the work is done, and the sun is out, it can be enchanting.

Don’t know why, was unusual for me to choose musically, let alone record it. the song that was already had a benchmark sung by the talented Norah Jones. But it came together over some time as the emotions that go with it, the lyrics sat well.

Hong Kong is my kind of place they love their visuals. Below is the booklet that graphic designer put together. The vocal recording and multitrack is available for a remix. To take the song on a ride somewhere else. Get in touch.

Don’t Know Why Mix Vocal